Achieving GreenPoint Ratings

GreenPoint is a system for assigning points to a new home or a renovation
project according to the number and nature of specified features and components
the project incorporates.  For major renovations and new homes, the minimum
rating is 50 points, and a home can have a score well over 200 if it is very "green."

Unlike the LEED and NAHB ratings, there are no levels; the point score is continuous.

You can't miss a LEED certification level by one point as a result of a miscommunication
or mistake.  And points scored in a minor renovation (one scoring up to 50 points) can accumulate
with additional renovations, so you can keep making your house "greener" with more points to reflect
this.  Also unlike the other systems, GreenPoint is specific to California and its special conditions.  It's
also easier and less expensive for you to comply with many of the requirements, so it can be more accessible.
Like other certification programs, a lot of emphasis is placed on energy efficiency.

If you are interested in having a point score for a new or remodel construction project, you should consider the GreenPoint rating.  George Baral is a GreenPoint Rater for both new and existing homes (as well as a Certified Green Building Professional).  He can work with you and your client to help you achieve your target score, either as a consultant or as a contractor. 

See www.builditgreen.org/greenpoint-rated for more information.  BuildIt Green is the organization, based in the San Francisco Bay area, that developed and administers this program.  Many building departments in that area are incorporating its requirements into the building permit approval process.  You may be eligible for GreenPoints just because you are complying with some of the requirements of some local Southern California building departments.

Here is a sample checklist for GreenPoint rating on a new home.

Here is a sample checklist for GreenPoint rating on a remodel.

Don't be put off by the complex, intimidating checklists; an experienced GreenPoint rater will make it easy for you.

Call George Baral at 888-675-1400 to find out how to get a GreenPoint rating for your project.


Money Saving Tip:

Tune up your heating and air conditioning system.
Regular maintenance can lower your operating costs and
extend the service life of your equipment. And do you
change your air filters regularly? Use a programmable
thermostat? Taking small steps such as these can
make your wallet as well as your home greener.

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