Commercial Energy Audits

Green Building Solutions provides a spectrum of services to commercial
building owners who want to make their buildings more energy efficient and/or
more "green," including achieving LEED for Existing Buildings certification.

For existing buildings, we generally start with a building energy audit in order to
come up with a list of suggestions for ways to improve building energy efficiency in
small to medium commercial facilities. This a thorough review of the various energy uses
for the facility. We apply building science principles along with practical knowledge to come
up with suggestions for improvements. This usually includes ballpark cost figures on some items
and specific bids on others. It includes water efficiency issues as well.

If the objective is to achieve LEED for Existing Buildings certification, the assessment is much more extensive.

Because we can evaluate such a range of different buildings, our evaluation of each building is customized, based on the owner's objectives, budget, and the specific systems and components of the property.

Call George Baral at 888-675-1400 for more information about your specific situation.

Money Saving Tip:

Tune up your heating and air conditioning system.
Regular maintenance can lower your operating costs and
extend the service life of your equipment. And do you
change your air filters regularly? Use a programmable
thermostat? Taking small steps such as these can
make your wallet as well as your home greener.
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