Other Commercial Services

Green Building Solutions provides a spectrum of other services to
owners or lessees who want to improve their environment, as well as
to contractors, architects and designers who want to provide various "green"
construction services to their clients.

As environmentally savvy general contractors, we can help you evaluate the plans
for your construction project to avoid design problems that compromise energy efficiency,
as well as to include energy-efficient features and construction details. We can help you find
potential opportunities to make the project "greener," more energy-efficient, and durable, as well
as reduce potential safety problems, and we can help you make sure they are properly implemented.
These all make the built environment more comfortable to live in.

We know your problems and pressures, and can help you like few others can.

Consulting services. We can help you evaluate alternatives at any stage of your process. By working with you before you get involved with an architect or contractor, we can help you decide on the specifications for your team--even point you towards some people that might be compatible with your objectives. We can work with your contractor in various ways. We can help you evaluate costs/benefits of any work you are considering.

Commissioning of heating and air conditioning equipment installations. This insures that it is specified properly for the intended use, installed correctly, and operational as specified. Retro-Commissioning involves testing the installed equipment to evaluate its operation, and formulating a plan for improving/correcting it.

Solar Installations We can help you tap the sun's free energy. a lot of people think "solar cells" when energy efficiency is mentioned, but they are one of the last things on our list, to do after you've done everything else to bring down your electric bills. Without heavy subsidies, they would not be at all cost-effective.

-----Solar Hydronic Installations heat water, generally to provide hot water at the taps, but in some cases also for radiant heating.

-----Solar Photovoltaic Installations produce electricity.

We can help you determine your building's benchmark rating under Energy Star's Portfolio Manager system.

Money Saving Tip:

Tune up your heating and air conditioning system.
Regular maintenance can lower your operating costs and
extend the service life of your equipment. And do you
change your air filters regularly? Use a programmable
thermostat? Taking small steps such as these can
make your wallet as well as your home greener.

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